LCM (550; 550) = ? Calculate the least common multiple, LCM, of the numbers

lcm (550; 550) = ?

By definition, the least common multiple of two numbers is the smallest natural number that is: (1) greater than 0 and (2) a multiple of both numbers.

The two numbers are the same.

The smallest multiple of 550 is the number itself: 550.

lcm (550; 550) = 550 = 2 × 52 × 11

The least common multiple, LCM: the latest 5 calculated values

Calculator: calculate the least common multiple, lcm

Calculate the least common multiple of the numbers, LCM:

Method 1: Run the prime factorization of the numbers - then multiply all the prime factors of the numbers, taken by the largest exponents.

Method 2: The Euclidean algorithm:
lcm (a; b) = (a × b) / gcf (a; b)

Method 3: The divisibility of the numbers.

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